Note: This FAQ is specific to Faculty and Staff from the Office of Human Resources.  Please visit the University’s Responding to the Novel Coronavirus website for the latest information and status of the University’s operations. The Provost's Academic Area FAQ has additional information for Deans and Faculty.

Is the campus open?

The University administration is open and operating with normal business hours. Employees should continue to work while taking the responsible precautions to maintain a healthy environment.

Many of our employees are already working successfully from home and should continue to do so.  Others whose jobs could also be accomplished remotely are further encouraged to work from home and can apply on the web at the C-WFH page. Employees whose job functions require them to work on campus should report to work as normal.  Anyone with questions about where to perform their duties should contact their supervisors directly.  

Supervisors are asked to explore models that take advantage of Social Distancing for their employees for activities that are best performed on campus.

Will employees be permitted to work from home?

The University has established a Coronavirus Work from Home (C-WFH) program that allows eligible employees to work from their personal residence (“home”) through April 15th, for days they are not needed in on campus, so long as the employees are fully available, document the hours they work if they need to normally track their hours, and take appropriate leave for the time they are not working.

Before an employee can begin the arrangement, a C-WFH agreement must be completed by the employee and approved by the employee’s supervisor, their area’s VP or Provost, and the Office of Human Resources.  Click here for information on the Work from Home Program.

Please remember that your supervisor is responsible for maintaining continuity of services, so requests to Work from Home will be balanced against the needs of your specific area. Rather than having staff pre-specify specific days to be out or working from home, we are framing the C-WFH arrangements as an ongoing dialog between supervisors and their staff - where the area’s scheduled rotation is how they will define what days someone may Work from Home.  That is, the days you haven’t been assigned to be in the office, are the days you are approved to Work from Home once approved.

Supervisors, where it is possible to maintain their service levels, may implement a Rotation Schedule where at least one member of each of their teams is on campus - while the balance may work from home - in advance of the formal C-WFH program if they have the approval of their area’s VP or Provost.

I am experiencing stress and anxiety.  Does the University provide any resources?

The Carebridge Employee Assistance program is available for employees and their families. Please call 1-800-437-0911 or visit www.myliferesource.comThe access code for Catholic University is HSBH4.

My doctor’s office is busy, who can I talk to? Or who can help me decide if I should go to an emergency room or urgent care center?

If you are enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare plan with CatholicU, please call 866-695-8622 or contact HealthAdvocate.  They will be able to assist you with finding an available doctor.

I've been in contact with somone who has tested positive or is considered "presumptive positive," what should I do?

Please see DC Health's guidance for contacts of a person confirmed to have COVID-19.

Are campus dining services open?

The University is closing most of its dining services as of Thursday March 19. Those who are working on campus are asked to practice social distancing.  This includes not eating in large groups. Employees should either bring a lunch from home, or order carry out from a local restaurant off campus.

Are campus postal services open?

Yes, until further notice, the mailroom is open for pick up and sending from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, and the package room is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Postal mail is still being delivered to offices. Postal mail for your office can be picked up at the mailroom if your office is physically closed.

Will our standing meetings continue?

Faculty and staff should only engage in essential gatherings related to academic and professional pursuits during the period of instructional continuity.  We expect that faculty and staff will exercise good judgment and to support Social Distancing to maintain the health and safety of our CatholicU community.

What is Social Distancing?

Social Distancing is a practice designed to reduce the risks of spreading the Coronavirus while interacting with others.  Please consider and apply the following while at work to the best of your abilities:

  1. Avoid in-person meetings. Use Google Meet for online gatherings, email, or the phone when possible, even when people are all on campus.
  2. Unavoidable in-person meetings should be short.  Attendees should sit six feet from each other, if possible, and avoid shaking hands.
  3. Do not congregate in work rooms, pantries, copier rooms or other areas where people socialize.  Keep six feet apart when possible.
  4. Bring lunch and eat at your desk or away from others.  Avoid lunchrooms and crowded restaurants.
  5. Limit recreational or other leisure gatherings, meetings, activities, etc., where close contact with others is likely.
  6. Avoid public transportation (walk, cycle, drive a car) or go early or late to avoid rush-hour crowding on public transportation.  Check with your supervisor about shifting your start and end times.

Note:  These recommendations were adapted from guidelines developed by the CDC and presented by a Society for Human Resources Management Poster.  

I am not feeling well, whom should I tell?

Please inform your supervisor if you are feeling unwell.  If you need to leave campus or are unable to Work from Home, be sure to let your supervisor know as soon as possible.

I am in a higher-risk category because of my health or age. May I work from home even though the university is operating normally?

There is a Coronavirus Work from Home program that is available for eligible employees.  Please discuss your situation with your supervisor.

I am required to self-isolate because of a Novel Coronavirus exposure. How should I record leave?

Some employees may be eligible to Work from Home, so leave would not be required. Please discuss your situation with your supervisor to see if the Coronavirus Work from Home (C-WFH) program is an option. However, in the event an employee feels unwell and is unable to work, they should record sick leave. If an employee in self-isolation is not eligible for the C-WFH program, they may use their sick, vacation, or unpaid leave for their regularly scheduled time.

Working from home isn’t possible for my job, and I can’t come to work because I am in a high-risk category or need to self-isolate. How should I record leave?

At this time, employees who are not eligible for the Work from Home program and cannot come to work for the reasons stated above should use appropriate leave types available to them (sick, annual, or unpaid leave).

I have an approved Work from Home arrangement. How do I access the systems I use for my work? What if I need to use special software or files located on my on-site (campus) Windows desktop computer?

Please visit the Technology Services Working from Home website for instructions.

I am an employee who canceled university-sponsored travel due to new restrictions. Can I be reimbursed for expenses that have already been incurred?

Yes, expenses for a cancelled trip for reasons beyond the traveler's control may be reimbursed. Expenses eligible for reimbursement include costs not returned to the traveler in the form of a credit including transportation, lodging, conference fees, and associated cancellation fees.  Documentation should include proof of original costs, cancellation or change action, and any credits or concession issued. Any credits issued should not be used for the traveler's personal benefit. Please refer to the University's Travel Policy section V.F. Changes, Cancellations and Credits.

How do I submit my timesheet to my supervisor if I am working from home?  

Please email the completed timesheet to your supervisor as an attachment for his or her signaturefeel free to send a photo of your timesheet if you don’t have a scanner at home.  In the event you were not able to work some hours or days due to the coronavirus emergency, please ensure to properly charge those hours to the appropriate leave type (e.g. accrued vacation, sick leave or unpaid leave).

I can’t come to work because I am in a high-risk category or need to self-isolate. How can I get my paycheck?

Please send an email to requesting your paycheck to be mailed to your home.  

I am not signed up for direct deposit. How will I receive my paycheck?

Your check will be printed and available for pickup at the payroll office in Leahy Hall.  If you are unable to come on campus, please send an email to requesting your paycheck to be mailed to your home.  You may also sign up for Direct Deposit by printing, signing and sending a scanned copy or photo of the Direct Deposit Form from your CUA email account to

If I am coming to campus for work, can I bring my children or elderly family members to campus?

For the safety of the entire community, employees may not bring children or elders to work with them, even if they are well.

I’m a supervisor. Is there any guidance for my role?

Yes, please read Coronavirus Guidance for Supervisors.

Can my student employees continue to work, even though classes are online for the remainder of the semester?

No, student hourly employees may not continue working, unless they have received an exception to do so.  In order to receive an exception, the following criteria must apply:

  1. The student's supervisor must ask and receive approval from the head of their department/area.
  2. The supervisor must have a viable means to monitor the student's activities and outcomes, and
  3. The student must be able to complete their activities 100% remotely. 

Graduate students with Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow or Research Assistant appointments should be in regular contact with their supervisors regarding how to continue with their work.  The same guidelines around the supervisor having a viable means to monitor activities and outcomes applies.

My student employee has been approved for an exception to work from home. Do they need to complete the C-WFH application? 

No, the C-WFH application is not applicable to student employees.  At this time, an exception can be granted from the student employee's supervisor and department head, as long as the work can be completed 100% remotely, and the supervisor has a viable means to monitor the student's activies and outcomes.

Can I continue to pay my student employees? 

Student employees who are funded by federal work study funds (FWS awards and authorization received through the Center for Academic and Career Success and the Office of Student Financial Assistance) will continue to receive payment of their remaining FWS award, per US Department of Education guidelines.

Non-work study student employees who have received explicit approval to continue their assignments remotely (guidelines above) would be paid accordingly.

Can temporary, part-time employees continue to work and be paid? 

If a temporary, part-time employee is able to continue working, then they would continue to be paid accordingly. However, if there is no longer work to be done, then the employee should cease working, and they would not continue to receive payment until if/when duties are resumed.

How do I contact the Office of Human Resources if I have additional questions or concerns?

The best way is to email us at, or you can call 202-319-5050 during business hours.


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