This is a reminder that the usual vacation carryover rules resume at the end of this fiscal year (April 30, 2021). 

The University encourages employees to use their vacation leave during the year in which it is accrued. Supervisors are asked to be as supportive as possible of their employees’ requests to use leave.  However, the following leave carryover rules are in place for instances where days remain unused: 

  • All Exempt employees and non-Exempt employees hired after January 1, 1994 who have accrued vacation remaining at the end of the fiscal year (April 30th) may carry over up to a maximum of 21 days into the new fiscal year that begins May 1, 2021. 

  • Non-Exempt employees hired before January 1, 1994 may carry over up to a maximum of 30 days of accrued vacation leave into the new fiscal year that begins May 1, 2021.

  • In addition, for Exempt employees with unused balances, all carry over vacation days in excess of 7 days must be used by August 13, 2021. Any days remaining in excess of the 7 allowable carry over days will be forfeited as of August 16th and not carried forward. 

Employees are able to view their available leave balance via Cardinal Staff and Faculty Employee Self Service, and managers are able to view the available balances for their staff via manager self service.  Additional information regarding accrual and carryover rules is available on the University’s Leave Policy page.