Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University understood that many vacation and travel plans were disrupted, and that many employees were unable to use vacation days as initially planned. In an effort to help the community through the year, University leadership determined that employees would be allowed to carry over all unused annual leave until December 31, 2020. This meant that unused leave did not expire in April or August, as it would during a normal year. 

After two extensions, the annual leave ‘rollover’ process will now occur on 12/31/2020.  Exempt employees will begin January 2021 with up to 21 days of annual leave.  Non-exempt rollovers vary based on years of service and will be found in Cardinal Station. 

Employees are able to view their available leave balance via Cardinal Staff and Faculty Employee Self Service, and managers are able to view the available balances for their staff via manager self service.  Additional information regarding accrual and carryover rules is available on the University’s Leave Policy page.