Covid-19 Sick Leave ended on September 6, 2023.  

Although the emergency declarations for Covid expired last May, we all understand that both Covid and RSV are now permanent additions to our “cold and flu” season.   With that in mind, we want to update the community on how to support those who fall ill.

If you find yourself ill, as always, please inform your supervisor and stay home until you are well.  Further, if you test positive for Covid, please send an email to  to ensure we can track each wave and provide you and your supervisor with specific guidance for your circumstances.

The University is no longer using “Covid Sick Leave”, a policy that was designed to support the initial wave of the illness.  The University’s Paid Sick Leave benefit remains unchanged and should be utilized for illness of any variety.

We are all adjusting to a new normal of changing cycles and evolving Covid variants.   We will continue to track the needs of the community and are prepared to pivot as needed if circumstances change - including both the transmissibility and severity of Covid (and other) viruses over time.