In support of all our employees, the University will offer paid leave for those who are diagnosed with Covid-19 for use while unable to work due to Covid:

  • For regular staff who are diagnosed with Covid-19, the University will provide an immediate, one-time allotment of up to fifteen (15) continuous days of COVID leave with pay to cover work days missed due to COVID.  The leave begins on the day the employee indicates they first had Covid-19 symptoms.  COVID leave may not be used for illnesses unrelated to COVID.  COVID leave is available for up to fifteen (15) days, but will usually end earlier as most cases run their full course in five (5) calendar days after diagnosis. 
  • To use COVID leave, rather than standard Sick leave, staff are required to show proof of a positive Covid 19 test result - either a physician ordered test or a photo or scan of their at-home antigen test.

Example 1: Ed normally works Monday to Friday and is diagnosed with COVID on a Monday.  He may take 5 days of COVID leave during the first work week.  If he is symptom and fever free for 24 hours at the end of the five day isolation he may return to campus and will have 10 days of Covid-19 sick leave in the event of another instance of Covid-19 at a later date. 

Example 2: Ed normally works Monday to Friday and is diagnosed with COVID on a Wednesday.  He may take 3 days of COVID leave the first week,  2 days the next week and still has symptoms, Ed will need to remain out and may continue to use his Covid-19 sick leave, for a total of 15 Covid-19 sick leave days if needed.  Once the Covid-19 sick leave is exhausted and if Ed still has symptoms he may use his accrued sick and or if needed accrued vacation leave.

  • Employees who test positive for Covid-19 will be contacted by the Employee Relations team to certify their diagnosis, provide detailed instructions regarding isolation, and make arrangements to receive their leave.  This program will replace the previous Advance of Sick Leave program created at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Faculty who are diagnosed with Covid-19, informed by their Instructional Continuity planning, should continue to work with their department chairs and school Deans to make arrangements for their paid leave while recovering.

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