In order to maintain University operations during the COVID-19 event, while keeping the health and wellness of our faculty and staff uppermost, the University has created an optional, temporary Work From Home program.  This program was initially to be in effect for eligible employees until April 15th, 2020, but has now been extended until July 2, 2021. Upon termination of the COVID-Work from Home program, the University will return to fully in-person operations and all employees are expected to be on campus for 100% of their efforts.

Employees whose jobs can be accomplished remotely and who wish to self-isolate or need to stay home to care for themselves or a family member can request permission to work from home for up to 2 to 3 days a week by filling out the application below.

Please remember that your supervisor is responsible for maintaining continuity of services, so requests to Work from Home will be balanced against the needs of your specific area. We are framing the C-WFH arrangements as an ongoing dialog between supervisors and their staff - where the area’s scheduled rotation is how they will define what days someone may Work from Home. That is, the days you haven’t been assigned to be in the office, are the days you are allowed to Work from Home once approved. In response to requests for modified schedules, supervisors may make exceptions in light of extenuating circumstances to allow increased work from home up to 4 days a week for up to a month, but longer exceptions and all requests to work from more than 4 days a week require VP approval in consultation with the CHRO.

Keep in mind that the design of the program, in addition to building in increased safety for those who come to campus, concurrently provides up to 2 to 3 days a week of increased flexibility while working from home to help our employees balance the many real logistical challenges they face - child care, schooling, elder care or transportation to name just a few.  Those challenges, though, are faced by all our employees and are not in themselves reasons for additional work from home days.

The program keeps on-campus density at a safe level while holding on to the sense of community and collaboration that is so important to our workforce.  As the primary purpose of the C-WFH program is to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, the University is continually tracking the District of Columbia's guidance and will adjust the policy as the pandemic evolves. 

After a discussion with your supervisor, apply for the special work from home program by completing the C-WFH Application(If prompted, enter your Cardinal email address and password.)

Supervisors, please read about Coronavirus Guidance for Supervisors.

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