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  • When are the annual reviews for the 2022-2023 cycle due?

    The annual reviews for 2022- 23 are due on August 18, 2023
  • What is a performance review?

    Performance reviews can be called evaluations or appraisals. The review is the process of assessing an employee's performance for a review cycle (annually, trimester, quarterly, etc.). The form is a document that managers use to evaluate performance.
  • Can employees have an evaluation form to fill out?

    Employees should fill out a self-assessment form. These forms list the accomplishments or any obstacles that the employee had.
  • What if I have a new employee?

    New employees that recently started on or after January 1, 2023 will be excluded.
  • Are researchers that are full-time get reviews?

    No, researchers will not be evaluated at this time.
  • Do faculty get reviews?

    No, only academic staff will be evaluated.
  • Why do we complete reviews when there is not always a budget for merit increases?

    The performance review has purposes other than determining increases in pay. It is an opportunity to discuss and document feedback on an individual’s performance, to confirm goals and priorities, and it serves as a guideline for each employee’s own professional development. It is a good forum to open up the discussion between employee and supervisor about how an individual can be most effective in his or her current role and clarify expectations as well as prepare for future growth in the position.
  • What if supervisor assignments changed during the review period? Who is responsible for conducting a review?

    The current manager should conduct the evaluation with input from the previous manager (if still employed). Input from past managers is relevant to the entire assessment. However, if the change was very recent, it might be appropriate for the previous manager to conduct the evaluation. There is no right or wrong approach.
  • What is a 360?

    Is a tool or form to solicit and provide feedback that gives the manager a better understanding of the employees’ contributions to an organization.
  • Who is excluded from reviews?

    Faculty, Deans, Chairs, researchers, temps, contractors,  and staff that have started in 2022.