The Payroll Office is committed to producing a timely and accurate payroll.  Exempt employees are paid on the last business day of each month and are required to submit an Exempt Leave Report to record all leave used during each pay period. 

We strongly encourage you to review your earnings statements each month to identify any errors as quickly as possible.  Should you discover a problem with your check, please contact your supervisor first.  He/She will research your problem and contact the Payroll or Human Resource office, as appropriate, to initiate resolution. 

If you have any questions regarding the payroll schedule or process, please email or call (202) 319-5512. 

  • Exempt Leave Report

    The leave report is due on the third business day of the following month. Exempt Leave Reports must be signed and dated by both employee and immediate supervisor/manager prior to submission to payroll for processing.  To ensure your leave is processed in a timely manner, please hand deliver the original report. Inter-office mail does not guarantee same-day or next-day delivery. Faxed leave reports will not be accepted.

    Clearly mark a "Revision" as such to avoid confusion.

  • Off-Cycle Check Requests

    The Payroll Office does not produce off-cycle checks on demand. Corrections will be processed in the next regular payroll cycle. Off-cycle checks will be produced at the discretion of the Director of Payroll and will be issued no sooner than three days following the pay date. The supervisor/manager should contact Payroll to determine the required documentation for an off-cycle check request.

  • Direct Deposit

    The Direct Deposit form should be completed to set up automated deposits to your checking, savings or investment accounts. The normal setup time is one pay period.