All employees transitioned to a biweekly pay frequency on January 1, 2023.

The following diagram shows how employees paid monthly or semimonthly in 2022 transitioned to the biweekly pay frequency in January 2023.

Please note that there was a special one-week January 1st - 7th pay period for all employees, with pay date January 13, in order to facilitate the change to the biweekly pay frequency. This special one-week pay period is a one-time occurrence only. Employees are paid every other Friday after the first January 13th pay date.

Diagram showing pay dates in December 2022, and January and February 2023. In December, exempt monthly employees are paid once on December 21st for the December 1st through 31st pay period. Non-exempt semi-monthly employees are paid three times, on the 9th, 21st and January 10th for pay periods November 16th through the 30th, December 1st through the 15th, and December 16th through the 31st. Then, in January, as a special case, all employees receive a paycheck on January 13th for the one week January 1st through 7th pay period. This serves to synchronize all employees to biweekly pay. After that, employees are paid every other Friday: January 27th, February 10th, February 24th and so on.

The following chart shows pay periods and pay dates for Bob, a semimonthly employee, and for Sarah, a monthly employee. This chart may help you plan for the new frequency of pay dates as we transition to the biweekly pay cycle in January.

This chart presents the same information as was given in the first diagram on this page. Please refer to that first image for a detailed description of the information presented.

The following printable worksheet (click it to open a PDF version) shows the pay period check amount and running total tally for monthly, semimonthly and biweekly pay frequencies for an employee with an annual salary of $50,000, using year 2023 as an example. No matter which pay frequency is used, the final tally at the end of the calendar year is $50,000.

Thumbnail image of the worksheet that is linked to a printable PDF file.