• CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

    The university has selected CareFirst to serve as the administrator for our medical and prescription Rx drug coverage plans.  In the main, everything about your plan should stay the same—your co-pays, your deductibles, your doctors, etc. etc.—but rather than UnitedHealthcare (UHC) managing our insurance claims processing, starting in January of 2022, that work will be done by CareFirst.

    CareFirst offered the very best pricing while simultaneously having higher ratings from both consumers and providers. Further, more of the doctors and practitioners we see today will be "in network."

  • 2022 Benefits Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment for 2022 benefits begins on Monday, November 8th and runs through Friday, November 19th. This is your chance to review your current coverage, consider any changes in your life this past year or any anticipated changes on the horizon in 2022. Please be sure to attend one of the two Town Hall meetings to learn more about CareFirst.

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  • Find a CareFirst Provider

    View step-by-step instructions for how to search for a CareFirst provider in your location.

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  • CareFirst FAQ

    Do you have questions about the University's transition to CareFirst as its medical and Rx (prescription) administrator? View our FAQ for answers.

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