• Welcome from The Provost Office

    "Congratulations on your new teaching position, and welcome to The Catholic University of America. Our University is one that boasts a rich tradition of discovering and imparting the truth through excellence in teaching and research. I know that during your service here, you will find our campus a place where scholars in all fields embrace both reason and faith to help solve the problems of contemporary life and enrich the culture around us.

    I am very excited that you have decided to join us as part of this over 130 year old community of scholars and educators.

    To help offer you a head start on the onboarding process, my office has worked with the Office of Human Resources to develop this Onboarding Portal. This portal will allow you to quickly update your information and complete onboarding requirements prior to your start date. Please feel free to start this process as soon as possible, so that your transition as a new faculty member can be as painless as possible.

    Welcome again to The Catholic University of America."

Before You Start: Preparing to Work at Catholic University

We are so excited you have made the decision to join us! Much of the set-up process will begin on or after your first day, but there are a few things you can do in advance.

Complete Your Background Check

You will receive an email from Truescreen requesting you to initiate your background check. Please follow the detailed instructions on the email and complete and submit your background information. Prior to starting, your background check must be successfully completed.

Complete the Form I-9 Section One

In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ("IRCA"), The Catholic University of America must verify the employment eligibility of each employee within the first three days of employment.
As required by federal law the university is required to complete and retain a Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification document for all regular and temporary employees hired after November 6, 1986.
Completion of Form I-9 is a shared responsibility of both the employee and the University. Section #1 will be sent via email from our vendor (Truescreen) and must be completed by you. Form I-9 can be completed as soon as, but not before, a job offer has been extended and accepted.
Section #2 must be completed by HR or an authorized University representative, on or before the third day of employment. You should provide acceptable documents to complete the Form I-9 (The List of Acceptable Documents is the last page of Form I-9.). All hires are required to present documents in person on campus. If you are not working in the DMV area you are required to complete a remote Form I-9 where you will schedule an appointment in your area.
In order to complete Form I-9 employees are required to present documentation confirming identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Employees who are unable to meet federal I-9 requirements cannot lawfully be employed.

Complete your Payroll Forms

The tax forms (federal and state) and the direct deposit form are found on the payroll website. You must complete these forms on or before your first day and submit them to cua-payroll@cua.edu. If you need to change your tax forms or direct deposit form, please visit the payroll website to obtain the necessary forms.

Activate your Cardinal Credentials

Your account will be enabled up to 30 days prior to your first day once you have submitted your information. You will receive your Username and Faculty ID Number from Technology Services. You will need to change your password by using the Password Change Service website in order to access your account.  

Your Parking or Transportation Options

If you require parking on your first day, please connect with your department to request a guest pass. After your first day, you will need to register for parking.

Your First Day: Getting Set-Up at Catholic University

As you embark on this exciting new journey, the following steps will help get you set-up on your first day.

Important Day 1 Information

Communicate with your Department and make sure you have this information prior to your first day:
  • What time to arrive
  • Where to report when you first arrive
  • Your department/school work schedule
  • What to bring on your first day

Completing Section Two of Form I-9

You are required to bring in your verification document(s) on your first day to complete section two of the Form I-9. Please review the list of acceptable documents. All hires are required to present documents in person on campus. If you are not working in the DMV area you are required to complete a remote Form I-9 where you will schedule an appointment in your area.

Get a Cardinal ID Card

Visit the Office of Transportation and Card Services website to upload a picture for your card. You will receive your Faculty ID card from your Department on your first day. 

Verify your Personal Information on the Cardinal Station Portal

Visit the Cardinal Station website and log on to “Cardinal Faculty and Staff: HR Payroll System”. Select the "Personal Details" tile and verify your personal information under each category on the left-hand side.

Complete Your Required Training 

You are required to complete the following online training modules within three days of your start date. To access these modules please visit our training website. 
Privacy and Information Security
FERPA Awareness
Online Compliance Awareness Training
Preventing Harassment and Discrimination and
Title IX/Sexual Misconduct