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    Program Description

    Catholic University has partnered with Corporate Cost Control to provide CCC Verify, an employment verification service. Mortgages, loans, credit cards, new employers, landlords and many others require verification of employment. CCC Verify streamlines this process by providing online access to employment and wage information to authorized and credentialed government and commercial verifiers.

    As part of this service, University faculty and staff can create a personal CCC Verify account that enables them to self-generate one free employment or salary verification report per year, set up notifications and change security preferences for verification reporting.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Faculty and staff employees are eligible to use the CCC Verify service.
  • Enrollment Requirements

    To enroll in the CCC Verify service, please browse to cccverify.com. In the "Employees" section, click Get Started and follow the instructions.

    Please see Additional Information below for a User Guide that has more detailed instructions on enrolling.

    Note that CCC Verify recommends that you create your account using a personal (not Cardinal) email address, since the account continues even if your employment with the university ends.

  • Ongoing Participation

    Once you have created a CCC Verify account, you can log on any time and perform these functions:

    • Access your own information
    • See who has been viewing your information
    • Block access
    • Provide verification information
    • Order your own verification reports (includes one free report per year)
    • Dispute errors

    You can set up an automatic email to notify you when someone verifies your information.

    Please see Additional Information below for a User Guide, and a link to the CCC Verify Customer Support page for assistance in using the service.

  • Unenrollment

    When an employee creates a CCC Verify account, it is an agreement between that individual person and CCC Verify. CCC Verify accounts survive an employee's separation from the university.
  • Primary Service Owner

    Office of Human Resources
  • Additional Information

    CCC Verify User's Guide for Employees (Cardinal logon required)

    CCC Verify Customer Support