As we quickly approach the end of the Fall semester, now is the time to review your needs for student employment during the Spring semester. If you are renewing any existing student employee assignments that had an end date at the completion of the Fall semester, sEDFs must be submitted by December 4, 2020. If your student employee has been hired for the entire Academic Year, then no additional paperwork is needed at this time. 

Important dates for student employees:

  • Fall Semester - 
    • Students currently working in virtual positions who are returning to the University for the spring semester may work according to department needs and prior approval, through December 18 when the University closes for Christmas break. 
    • Students who will graduate in December or who are not returning for the Spring semester must stop working not later than December 5.
    • Students who physically work on campus and do not live in the DMV cannot continue to work beyond November 24th. 
    • Students who are working in positions that require a physical presence on campus and live in the DMV, can continue to work on campus through Friday, December 18 when the campus closes for the holiday break.  
  • Spring Semester -
    • All undergraduate and non-law graduate students who have already received authorization to work in a position that requires them to be physically present on campus may begin working during the Spring semester on February 8, 2021.
    • Law students who have already received authorization to work in a position that requires physical presence on campus may begin working on January 19, 2021.  
    • Students who have received authorization to work in a remote position may begin working when the university reopens after the Christmas break on Monday, January 4, 2021. 
  • Critical Reminders and New Charges -
    • The date used on the sEDF is the date that you would like for the student to begin working. However the student may not actually begin working until you receive an authorization email from HR confirming the student's authorized start date. Departments will be charged a $100 proccessing fee for each and every timesheet that includes hours to be paid for any date before the student's authorization date.
    • Please also keep in mind that regardless of on campus or remote employment, students may work no more than an accumulated total of 19 hours a week and a maximum of 999 hours during the calendar.
    • All hours that the student works must be submitted to Payroll on the department's recap timesheet by the deadline for the pay period in which the hours were worked. Hours that are submitted on timesheets after the deadline for the current pay period will be paid at the 'next' pay period.  Departments asking to provide pay earlier than the 'next' pay period will be charged a $100 proccessing fee for each and every off-cycle check request.
    • For Federal Work Study funded positions, guidelines from the Center for Academic and Career Success and the Office of Student Financial Assistance must be followed.